What Makes a Perfect Exhaust?

9 May by EMAM Team

What Makes a Perfect Exhaust?

If you’ve been toying with the idea of adding an aftermarket exhaust to your motorcycle, you might have found yourself wondering what kind of return you can expect to get from your investment. What is a new exhaust going to do for you that your current, stock exhaust isn’t doing well enough?

There are actually some very good reasons to upgrade the exhaust on your motorcycle, and Essendon Motorcycles & Mowers is here to help you choose a good exhaust for your specific needs based on the kind of riding you do (and how you like your bike to sound).

So then, what makes a perfect exhaust? That depends a bit on what your expectations are. If you’re a rider who wants to be heard even before you’re seen, then a loud exhaust with a deep rumble and a loud pop on throttling might be best for you. Then again, if you’re more interested in protecting your hearing than being heard by everyone around you, a quieter exhaust would be more appropriate. It all depends on what you’re after.

Keep in mind that the exhausts we’re referring to here are for motorcycles with four-stroke engines. Unless what you’re riding is quite old or unique, chances are good it has a four-stroke engine in it.

More than Just Sound

There’s more to be gained from aftermarket motorcycle exhausts than just a punchier rumble. Some riders might want more engine performance – this actually is something that high-performance exhausts can provide. Let’s be clear: the improvement in performance that you’re going to get by adding a new exhaust probably isn’t going to amount what you’d see with upgrades to front-end engine components like the air intake or carburetor.

The difference between before and after will be quite noticeable if the exhaust you select is right for your bike. So, if your idea of the perfect exhaust means more horsepower (even if it’s marginal), do yourself a favor and look into what a new exhaust might do for your ride.

Another benefit of adding an aftermarket exhaust could be weight. Often, OEM motorcycle manufacturers need to cut costs wherever they can, and that can mean using heavier materials to construct the exhaust system. A lighter replacement exhaust can provide weight savings – something quite important to some racing enthusiasts. And lastly, new exhausts just look cool! There’s something to be said for the enhanced styling that a sleek, modern-looking exhaust adds to a motorcycle.

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The sound, the performance, and the style – all the reasons why an aftermarket motorcycle exhaust might be just what your bike needs. Are you on the hunt for the perfect exhaust for you, and have some technical questions? Contact us and we’ll do all we can to answer them. Or, if you’ve already identified the exhaust you want and you need expert installation, we can help with that, too.

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