Mid Life Cycles

18 Mar by EMAM Team

Mid Life Cycles

Mid Life Cycles an end of an era!

Essendon Motorcycles and Mowers – (EMAM) would just like to thank Michael for his contribution to motorcycling over the years and his dedication to the Royal Enfield Brand

It is Sad to see that Mid Life Cycles has closed its doors after 15 years in the industry.

Your dedication to providing quality products and fostering a strong motorcycling community is commendable.

It’s understandable that the challenges both monetary and personal of running a business can sometimes outweigh the rewards, but your commitment to the industry and Royal Enfield has left a lasting impression.

You were definitely one of the good ones and it is sad to see the passionate, privately owned and run, family businesses struggle and close due to the pressures of the bigger guys and the economy in general.

Well done on being the first official concept store for Royal Enfield and for contributing to the brand’s growth over the past 8 years.

Your passion for motorcycles shines through and we are grateful for the effort you put into the motorcycling community.

As you know Essendon Motorcycles and Mowers is still in contact with you and we are happy to help in any way we can to support you personally and your customers.

We wish you Michael all the best as you return to the joys of motorcycling and hope that the future is bright, some tough times ahead we know but I am sure you will get through it and the good times will soon return.

Enjoy the riding, designing and building.

Stay safe from the Team at EMAM – Essendon Motorcycles and Mowers (another of the passionate, privately owned and run, family businesses).


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