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The Numbers Game – Know Your Tyres

How to read and understand your tyre lettering to make safe and effective enhancements The sidewall of our tyres features a whole host of numbers and letters. As an example, on my Suzuki GSX-R750, these start with 180/55ZR17 58. There’s a lot of information contained in these few digits. While most of us simply replace worn out tyres […]

Prepping To Ride Off Road and MotoX Bikes

Prepping To Ride Off Road and MotoX Bikes

The wash list and the wish list As with any bike you’re thinking of riding anywhere, it’s important to assess the risks before riding out. What’s the weather doing, and indeed, planning to do? Is it a practice session or a race? Are you planning on riding at a club event or is it a […]

The X Factor – The Thrills and Spills of Moto X and the Gear You Need to Get Into

Riding MX in Victoria We are positively spoiled for choice in Victoria when it comes to riding MotoX. A look at this handy map from Moto Trails Oz shows just where you can find a track near you (and gives the rundown on each), while you can also find details of local MotoX, Enduro and dirt bike […]