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The Numbers Game – Know Your Tyres

How to read and understand your tyre lettering to make safe and effective enhancements The sidewall of our tyres features a whole host of numbers and letters. As an example, on my Suzuki GSX-R750, these start with 180/55ZR17 58. There’s a lot of information contained in these few digits. While most of us simply replace worn out tyres […]

No Pressure – The Importance of Correct Tyre Pressure

No Pressure – The importance of correct tyre pressure

The must-read advice you need to take two minutes to know before setting out on the road While there isn’t a single safety-critical component on a modern motorcycle we feel we couldn’t do without, tyres are always the first ones to come to mind. The choice of brands is as big as it’s always been, with the range […]

When Is a Tyre Not As Good As It Looks?

When is a tyre not as good as it looks?

The quick read that will save you time and money – What to look out for in your tyres and what to do to keep them in great shape As motorcycling becomes more and more leisure orientated, with many of us using bikes for recreational purposes rather than a daily commute as the case may […]