Who’s the Daddy?: The GSXR 1000 Is Still in Charge

Who’s The Daddy?: The GSXR 1000 Is Still In Charge

Still leading the way: The GSXR 1000 Is Still In Charge

Back in the distant mists of time, way back in 2001, sales of Yamaha’s R1 and the CBR900RR, as well as the ZX9R, simply tanked. The reason for this flatlining was the all new Suzuki GSXR1000RR. Suzuki had taken the one litre market by storm with a new class leading bike that left the competition in the dust in terms of price, power and handling dynamics.

A lot of water has flowed under the superbike bridge since then. We now have a brace of superbikes in this class putting out over 200 brake horse power as standard. Interestingly enough, the one that still causes grown men to drop their voices to a whisper is the legendary K5 Gixxer Thou.

These days we have the all new bike, which puts out a little over 180 Brake horse power while still being a conventional in-line four cylinder, four stroke liquid-cooled bike. Thanks to the factory’s return to Moto GP, the technology is great – vastly superior brakes from the original machine, quicker revving and a harder accelerating engine.

What this does is give us a bike that is brilliant on a race track but also, because of its power mode selection, has a whole world of usability on the road. Blatting down the freeway network at staggering speeds tends to lead to one of a number of unfortunate conclusions, but not with this bike, which really shines on both streets and at trackdays.

The lineage of the GSXR sub brand within the Suzuki marque goes back to the 1980s and the mighty 1100, and the class leading 750. Since 2001, when the 1000 replaced the 1100, the bike has become iconic. These days, however, riding an iconic superbike is a whole lot safer. Systems such as ABS, traction control and having the ability to select from a choice of power modes makes for a bike that is a lot more civilized to ride in the real world.


We should all know the importance of having quality tyres on our motorbike, and tyre choicesare also another factor in making these machines a lot more useable and indeed forgiving if things get a bit over-excited, which to be honest, is understandable. Also, where some riders will use these machines to the very edge of their limitations these are few and far between. If you’re someone who likes their sports touring, there is a wide variety of tyres available that we can help match to your riding requirements.

What all sports bikes need, and the Gixxer as it’s affectionately known is no different, is an aftermarket exhaust system, or at least a slip on. This allows the bike to ‘breathe’ properly as the baffle is removable and lets all that glorious noise out. The kit that we really like is the Slovenian manufactured Akrapovic range.

akrapovic-slip-on-open-exhaust-system-suzuki-b-king-08-12-74063 (1)These guys have been making systems and end cans for 25 years and they make them for high-end cars as well as nearly every bike in the Suzuki range. Finishes include titanium as well as carbon fibre, and at the risk of laboring the point, your GSXR will never be complete without one!

This blog might make you want to rush out and get the GSXR 1000, or at least get on your own bike and take to the road, so before you do, download our free and very handy pre-ride POWDER checklist to ensure your machine is as ready to go as you are!


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